From Island Belle to Citrus Belle!

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June 22, 2017
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July 10, 2017
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From Island Belle to Citrus Belle!

Yep folks, our Citrus Belle IPA is our #1 best seller thus far and how appropriate as the name “Belle” has a rich history in this community.  We are so happy you love it and we love it too!  But did you know that the Island Belle grape was first grown right here in Mason County on Stretch Island?  Richard R. Bell has a great blog about it’s rich history and I encourage you to read it.  That said, “Bines and Vines” are becoming extremely important to our community.  Hops grow on ‘bines’ and grapes grow on ‘vines’.  So,between team Masbruch with Bent Bine Brewery and team Petersen with Mosquito Fleet winery, you folks are being well taken care of!  There is nothing like a crisp, cold, pint of artfully crafted beer or a glass of delicious, thoughtfully produced wine!  Something to look forward to will be our first, “Bines and Vines” festival.  We will let you know as it unfolds!  Cheers!

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