Great Brew, Awesome Crew, and You!!!

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May 16, 2017
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June 5, 2017

Great Brew, Awesome Crew, and You!!!

Well, Bent Bine Brewery and Taproom has been open, on a limited schedule, since May 12th, and what a welcome we have received from the community!  Instead of waiting until all of our “ducks are in order”, we decided to jump in with both feet and let the community be a part of our baby beginnings.  We are SO GLAD we did because we wanted the community to feel like they are a part our growth and take pride in their own support.  Why one day, perhaps someone will say, “I remember when Bent Bine didn’t even have art on their walls”, or, “I came when they were only open three days a weeks and were brewing on the small sculpture”…  As we are working out the kinks and  learning what you all love, we are growing and adapting and learning.  A HUGE shout out to our wonderful servers and all you craft beer lovers that have stopped by to check us out and welcome us to the community.

The beauty of the beer loving community is that it is positive, cheerful and optimistic.  There have been many brewmasters, (you know who you are), that have given us wonderful support with complete generosity in their advice and expertise.  Their is no holding back because we all want each other to succeed because first and foremost, we love craft beer.  The dog eat dog competitive world seems to dissolve among the brewing community and we find that just as refreshing as the beer itself.

Part of our “crew” that deserves honorable mention is Haley Masbruch, (our daughter), who is an estimator and foreman for Danard Electric.  They are doing a wonderful job “hooking us up” so that we can go big and start filling growlers and kegs and also distribute

So, last but not least, thank you all for your patience, support and encouragement.  We couldn’t do it with out you!  Cheers!

Masbruch Clan!!!



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