Cool things to look forward to!

From Island Belle to Citrus Belle!
July 10, 2017
August 3, 2017

Cool things to look forward to!

Greetings fellow beer lovers!

Well, as most of you know, we opened to the public on May 12th.  It was a gutsy move because our large unit was not, (and still is not) completely installed yet but it only means brewmaster Tim is working double time to keep the suds flowing!  Every single person who has walked through our doors instantly feels like family.  You guys are the best!  We also have the best crew working for us EVER!  Our customers and friends…Pam, Brian…you all know who you are, have supported us and your support just validates that we made the right decision going forward with our dream.  THANK YOU!

That said, there are exciting things on the horizon we want you to know about.   For instance, when our big units are up and running and Tim is at a “cruising altitude”, we will have our GRAND OPENING.  My own dad, Jerry Miller, formerly of Moby Grape and currently of “The Jerry Miller Band” will play for us his face melting blues.  I would like a portion of this “gig” to be a jam session, which my dad has always loved so if any of you are musically inclined, please bring you axe or whatever you like to make noise with.

We will also be open more days AND have a big flat screen TV for football season.  We LOVE football!  In a previous blog I mentioned a “Bine and Vine” festival which is currently residing in my brain but will manifest itself as these things unfold.  I love input and if you have any ideas, please hunt me down at the brewery.  I usually try to be in there on Saturday evenings.  Just look for the blonde.  Colleen “is” blonde!  Cheers!

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